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Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Data+ International signed a Memorandum of Cooperation


15 февраля 2024

Al-Farabi KazNU has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with Esri's official distributor – Data+ International LLC

The agreement was signed during the meeting between representatives of the management of KazNU and Data+ International LLC. The main objectives of cooperation include creating favorable conditions for the exchange of ideas, information and technologies, the organization of joint research and development within the framework of agreed priority areas and programs.

Подписание соглашения между КазНУ имени Аль-Фараби и официальным дистрибьютором Esri – компанией Data+ International LLC,

Today, on the basis of the Earth Remote Sensing Center of KazNU, several projects related to degradation and desertification of the Earth are implemented, involving teachers and students of the university.

During last year, Data+ International LLC transferred to the Department of Geography and Nature Management the academic licenses for Esri geoinformation software for three years through the Earth Remote Sensing Center, in order to organize the educational process using cutting-edge GIS software.

In November and December last year, the Center's staff and research team members were trained at an Esri-certified training center. Data+ International has initiated courses on free training of university teachers in geoinformation technologies.

Board Member – Vice-Rector for Scientific and Innovative Activities of Al-Farabi KazNU, Jamila Aitzhanova told about the activities of the Engineering and Science-Intensive Technologies Cluster, which includes a design bureau, an Earth Remote Sensing Center and a laboratory for the development of small spacecraft.

Valery Fomin, Business Development Director of Data+ International LLC, thanked for the interest in the company's activities. In his presentation, he noted the increased role of GIS technologies, which have now gone beyond traditional boundaries and acquired a wide range of uses in the fields of ecology, water accounting, natural resource protection, and education.

During the visit, Valery Fomin also got acquainted with the research work of the Center for Space Technologies and Earth Remote Sensing.

Importantly, since 1969, Esri has been supporting customers with geographic science and geospatial analytics, which the company calls The Science of Where. Esri also supports initiatives to integrate GIS into the educational processes of universities around the world. For more than 30 years there has been a special program to support universities aimed at training high-class specialists whose professional activity would be related with GIS. Today, universities participating in the program can receive ArcGIS training kits, exchange training programs, train their teachers, participate in regional and international university cooperation and student programs, as well as represent their universities at international events.

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